Use Ecosia instead of Google … (17th December 2019)

“What’s the name of that girl in the Christmas movie with ginormous tits?” I asked.
“I don’t know,” she said, “wait, I’ll check on Ecosia.”
“What’s Ecosia?”
“You haven’t heard of it? They plant trees for searches.”
“What do you mean, trees for searches?”
“I mean if you look for things using their search engine they’ll plant a tree.”
“That’s brilliant.” I said

I quickly done a check on Wikipedia to see what it was all about. Everybody’s using Google and here’s these guys running a non-profit search engine. I was converted.

80% of profits (that come from advertising revenue) go to planting trees and so far at the time of writing over seventy seven million trees have been planted. That covers the area of a small city.

I was stupefied to learn the founder Christian Kroll has agreed to never sell the business for profit.

Where are all the rest of the non-greedy people in the world at. Surely we can figure out a way to do more good deeds without charging people money. Where’s the solar powered roads of the future I was promised back in 2005!

It’s reading about people like Christian that really got me thinking. He started that company in 2009. He was probably overjoyed that they’d managed to reach a couple of hundred thousand pounds towards reforestation within the first three years. Now they’re donating millions.

Christian found his niche. He’s supporting the lungs of the planet. Now we can support him and his team by using Ecosia. Even the smallest actions can have big effects when people group together.

I guess the real question is, what more can we do to help others and preserve this beautiful earth?