Spend Xmas day on Bondi beach

Bondi, where the girls have sun bleached hair and sun kissed bodies, and the guys look like they’ve just been deep fat fried. I’m not sure what sun lotion they’re using because that ain’t no tanning oil I ever seen, it’s almost dripping off them, the song ‘Grease Lightning’ springs to mind. It’s a shame I have no picture to show you because I think it’s a hard image to grasp if you live in England where most days you look up to the sky and it feels like your living in a Tupperware box.

So yeah, I think you get the picture… there are a lot of pretentious and vain beach goers at Bondi, not that it made them any less friendly than most other Aussies though.

I spent Christmas eve partying on beach road it was a good night and one of Ste’s friends had been kind enough to let us stay at her place where there was a spare bed because her friend had gone to visit family for xmas.

There was that eerie moment in the morning where you wake up in someone else’s bed and for a split second you wonder where your at, then consciousness kicks and you realise, ‘Oh it’s ok, I’m in some random birds bed who I’ve never met and is evidently a geek who likes sowing’ I mention this because as my blurry vision came into focus, a sowing machine was the first thing I seen, that and a mountain of books.

All fresh faced from sticking to my decision to give up drinking alcohol I bounced out of the bed and went to the room next door to see if Ste was awake. He lazily opened one eye and requested a McDonalds. What a wonderful Xmas breakfast to eat.

After getting us the horrid junk food – I actually like McDonalds food when it’s once in a month maybe, but I’d had one every day since I’d gotten to Australia so by now it was just beginning to taste like rubber – Ste declared he was returning to his slumber so I decided to go spend some time at the beach. I only really got a glimpse of the beach when I’d went to get the food, this time I was able to take in the full bizarre scene once my toes touched the sand.

Before me was the ocean, but before the ocean was a sea, it was red and white …almost everybody had Santa hats on. It looked almost surreal, jetski’s skimming across the water in the backround while everyone’s layed on the beach eating Xmas picnics and singing carols. There was a great atmosphere though, and everyone seemed to be in a festive spirit.

To the far left there was a dance party happening, but they charged for entry, whereas there is no charge for laying on the beach. You can bring your own food and drink but alcohol is no longer permitted, they have patrol officers wandering around so if you do chance it you could get fined.