See the world’s oldest working astronomical clock … (29th Sept 2015)

Obviously whilst LIVING IN PRAGUE I couldn’t very well not see the worlds oldest working astronomical clock, any time I would pass through the old town square it would be there imposing over everyone, and by everyone I mean the hundreds of tourists that you constantly find tarrying at the foot of the tower gawping at the facade patiently waiting for something to happen. Something does happen if you’re there on the hour, the little golden rooster pops his shiny head out and you’ll see the ‘walk of the apostles’ …these are on the top part of the clock, the middle section shows you Central European time, old Czech time, and Babylonian time. Then underneath you have the signs of the zodiac showing you the different months with the clock face representing the moon. There’s not a whole lot more to it to be honest, so why these wayfarers stand there rubbernecking for lengthy periods bewilders me. It is interesting – For the first five minutes, but then you’re like, ‘Meh!’ unless of course you yourself are some idiosyncratic clockmaker who I’m sure could lose himself in the design and technicalities of such a device. If  you are then I hope for my imaginations sake that you wear a monocle and have a hunch back, with perhaps a long grey goatie beard too?


The one thing that does fill you with awe about the clock is the fact it was made in 1410 and despite being damaged during the Second World War it’s still there AND working! That in itself is more spellbinding than the funny looking clock faces, in essence, don’t go to Prague to see the astronomical clock, but do go to see the astronomical clock if you go to Prague!