Save a grannie: Hide from corona … (16th March 2020)

This whole corona fiasco was almost laughable at first. The toilet paper panic buying. The obsessive hand washing. Half the people in airports and on trains wearing surgical masks. I’d even had a little chuckle at a few of them myself. But slowly the paradigms have shifted. It’s become all to clear this thing isn’t going away anytime soon. Just look at Italy. The whole country is on lock down. My brother lives over there. It’s now a criminal offence to leave your own home. To make matters worse many governments (including uk) are doing nothing to prevent the influx of people carrying the disease from entering or leaving the country. Their only advice being to avoid large social gatherings.
I’ve been doing my own research. Dig down the rabbit hole and you soon unearth some turd. Listen to the scientists, not the news. Corona is airborne. Regardless of the handwashing and obsessive sanitization you are almost sure to become infected at some point if you carry on going about your day as normal, being in close contact with ANYbody. Because nobody know’s who has it. It’s like a sci-fi movie has come to life. End of the world scenarios are playing out in people’s minds. It won’t come to that but don’t be to naive, do the math. If one person carries the infection without even knowing they have it and they pass it to just two people and then the following day they do the same, well, within one month you have 10 million infected people.
‘It’s not that bad,’ you think, ‘it’s just a flu, I’m young. I’m healthy. Fuck it. I’ll live.’ Ok, you’ll live, I’ll live, and probably most other people too, especially the ones in the younger age group, but what about those grandma’s and grandpa’s?
‘With hospital treatment they’ll probably be ok too.’ You think?
If everybody over 60 starts getting it how on earth will the hospitals cope with the corona patients, the amount of ventilators needed alone would see thousands die, nevermind the general emergencies of people hurting themselves or other illnesses that won’t get the vital resources needed for help. It’s no longer a case of most people being ok. It’s a necessity to make sure you do your part on containing the virus by self isolating and/or social distancing. Not just for your own health but for the health of the other people around you. Without the social distancing this thing will EXPLODE in literally days. Not weeks or months …DAYS. The hospitals will be completely overrun. There will be the knock on effect of the staff getting sick and who will be left to care for those people in the car accident or the cancer patients or even all the sick animals because the vets getting it would be quarantined. The problem is people aren’t looking into the future and seeing the domino’s falling. Everybody is just expecting it to go away.