Live life to the fullest

Stop. Take a moment and just think about your life. Which direction you’re heading in, and how you’re filling your time. If you work full time do you enjoy your job? In your spare time do you fill it with activities that make you feel happy?

Everybody gets the same 162 hours a week, but rarely do people view that time as the most precious resource they posses. Just think about how quickly the last twenty, thirty, or forty years have passed, soon enough your time will run out.


Think of life as a ride, a rollercoaster, there’s up’s and down’s, and occasionally you get thrown into a spin, it’s all part of the ride, so why not learn to enjoy all the twists and turns good and bad, since it’s all part of this crazy ride that you’re lucky enough to be on!

When you look at most people’s lives they resemble those rides at the theme park that are made for younger children. You know the type, the ones that go super slow and are comfortable but barely give you any kind of a thrill. The type where once you get off you think, ‘Well that was pleasant, but pretty boring!’
Wouldn’t you prefer to get off at the end with your hair frazzled, knees shaking, and your adrenaline pumping, knowing that you experienced every dip, loop and blind corner with excitement for what would come next? To feel every different emotion possible at its most heightened level!
Why not view life the same way?

Forget expensive clothes, flash cars and living in oversized houses that you’ve worked long hours for in a job that you don’t enjoy. You can’t take any of these things with you at the end of the ride, and you can bet your last dying wish won’t be that you had a bigger TV.


Instead, take every opportunity to participate in new activities that you’ve never tried before, and make it a goal to try as many as possible!

Travel… explore as many new places as you can! Take an active interest in each countries unique cultures, and make friends with the locals.

Focus… on how you feel with every new experience, the growth and joy that comes from learning something new, and the different sensations you feel with every unique adventure.

Gratitude… this is something that even the people with the most fulfilling lives often forget, when you’re living life to the fullest remember to give thanks, it doesn’t matter whether that’s to God, the universe, or whatever you want it to be. It may sound like new age hooey but it works like magic, if you show appreciation for having the chance to participate in this ride you will find that many doors will open up to more opportunities and experiences and generally just more of the things you’d like in life.