Eat s’mores by an open fire

For people outside of USA and Canada s’mores are made up of graham crackers, toasted marshmallow, and chocolate. Although no-one is completely sure of the origin, it’s believed the name s’more came from the abbreviation of “some more” since they’re so tasty you just want more!

I’d previously heard of s’mores before coming to Canada but had a failed attempt at making them in the UK since it’s impossible to find the right kind of crackers to make them with, but since I’d crossed the atlantic that wasn’t a problem…

Earlier in the evening we’d decided to shoot tin cans off a fence like in the wild west so it seemed appropriate that we end the night by an open fire.
The sun was beginning to set by that point, and the odd twinkling of a star could be seen as well as a half moon looming overheard to the south.

“Let’s make s’mores if you want?” Ste said as he kicked back into his pea green plastic chair. I’d previously mentioned about s’mores not long after my arrival to the ranch where I was temporarily living with Ste and Dan the owner, who nodded in agreement at Ste’s suggestion.
“Check in the pantry, there should be a plastic bag in there with everything we need,” said Dan with raised eyebrows and a slight smile of excitement.

I came back carrying the ingredients, and meanwhile Ste had pulled twigs off a nearby tree.
There were sticks of wood nearby, ready to be flung onto the fire whenever they were needed so I looked on puzzled, “How come you pulled branches off the tree?” I asked. Ste explained that there would still be moisture inside the branch to prevent it setting alight when we put the marshmallows on the ends and hover them above the flames. ‘Genius’ I thought.

It’s difficult to toast the marshmallow at just the right height above the fire that they don’t burn or melt but instead just lightly toast on outside. Once they were ready, two crackers were needed to sandwich the marshmallow with a piece of chocolate in between.

The heat radiating from the marshmallow melts the chocolate and your left with a silky sugary snack that tastes delicious but is really rich in flavour. In fact after two I didn’t want “s’more”

As the sun went down we had the usual campfire style conversations. Occasionally looking up at the night sky and feeling the sense of presence in the moment that always seems easier to attain when sat by a fire out amongst nature.