Do what YOU want

We’re only really bound by two things in this world… Time (you never get it back) and physics (you are bound by the laws of physics, you can’t jump a hundred feet in the air). So what does that leave you with? Well, everything else is possible really. By the end of this year you have the ability within you to achieve that perfect physique or become a millionaire. It’s really all up to you.

Whats stopping you? …Unfortunately the majority of us allow other people’s rules to dictate the way we live our lives. It’s not that our friends and acquaintances don’t want us to better ourselves, it’s because most of them have allowed themselves to stagnate at a stage of their life where they don’t feel growth is any longer necessary.

Why not choose to start living your life outside of the ‘group think’ mentality? If the people you know are living their life as the social norm it doesn’t mean YOU have to too. Make your own rules on how you want to live!

Somewhere along the line humans decided gold and diamonds (rocks) should have value and people have been spending billions on them ever since. Why?… because it makes them feel “cool”? Why does it make them feel cool?… because someone else DECIDED for THEM what was cool. These incredibly AVERAGE people that set (and try to enforce) the rules that most people live by do not care about you. They want you to keep trundling through life living each day with normality, it’s all group think. It just takes mental effort to step outside of this zombified logic and ask yourself the question… ‘How do YOU want to live your life?’ Living in your own reality is one of the most important and courageous things to do as a person, but with it comes freedom. Your removing the shackles that society has bound you with and doing what YOU want.
Who says you can’t go quit your job and travel the world, or go hug that person you have been fueding with, or approach somebody in the street because you find them attractive …the only person stopping you is yourself because you have allowed all those average people to control your thoughts and actions!


You can honestly do whatever you want, accomplish amazing things and have more fun then you ever thought possible if you just adopt this philosophy.

Remember, saying no to something and standing up for your own values and beliefs shows you have integrity and will give you a lot more respect than living by the social status quo.