Curb your cravings

Here in Ibiza again and just watched an amazing sunset. Kind of makes me wish I lived on the west coast back in the UK. Which leads me onto my topic for today’s article.

I don’t have a craving to be able to watch the sunset every night, no more than a craving to eat a chocolate bar once or twice a week. What I have noticed while being here though, is my mood being affected by some environmental factors. Almost all the tourists in the San Antonio of area of Ibiza are at least a little bit drunk most of the time, and some inebriated in other ways as I’ve already mentioned in my article Become a social scientist. There’s also an abundance of beautiful women walking around in very little clothes all day long.

So, does this make me want to get intoxicated and go chat up some women? …Well, yeah, kind of! However, I also have the understanding that I’m allowing the environment to dictate how I’m feeling instead of being in control of my emotions. I see all this going on around me and want to be involved, but by ‘wanting’ it’s almost as if I’m sending a message from my brain that says I can’t be happy without it. Which, obviously isn’t true, intuitively I know this, but by ‘craving’ a feeling or ‘wanting’ something in your life, the only emotion your letting in is ‘suffering’. So I take a step back, re-evaluate what’s actually going on between my mind and my body, adjust my moral compass and simply accept things as they are.

That doesn’t mean to no longer have goals or a higher purpose to achieve or accomplish something. It’s important to still have a vision of how you’d like your life to be, but understand that by ‘needing’ those things in your life you won’t allow happiness in. Even when you get the things you desire the pleasure attained will be short lived before you’ll crave the next thing and so suffering will begin again.

When I think about my goals I hold my visions close in my mind… I know what I want, I have the determination and know that I’ll get there, but I also accept everything as it is right now, this keeps me from craving and allows space to be happy.

More often than not, once you learn to let go of your attachments the very thing you desire seems to show up in your life. Whether that’s a feeling, a partner or perhaps a change in the way your life is heading.
If you review your goals daily and continue to take action but accept things the way they are right now, then your dreams are much more likely to come true.