Cruise the Sydney harbour

You’d think hiring a boat to swash through the Sydney harbour would be expensive. Well it probably is if you hire one privately, but if you share it with a hundred or so other burnt backed tourists it’s fairly cheap! Especially compared with everything else in Sydney, almost everything is expensive compared with in the UK, most things are around twice the price!

So after a bus ride to Circular Quay we hopped on the ferry and cruised over to Manly, where they have a nice – although a little overpacked – beach, with lots of shops and restaurants to peruse in the vicinity. It took around 30 minutes to get there once we’d finally set off.

We were one of the first people onboard so we got prime seating outside at the front of the boat on top deck, right behind two inquisitive kids who continually asked their dad ‘but why?’ The joys of public transport, when I wasn’t admiring the expensive mansions we past it was entertaining watching the energy get sapped out of their poor ol’ man instead.

I’m not really sure why, or what it was about the opera house but it somehow looked a bit dated and not quite as grand as I’d expected.

Once we’d reached the other side we had a quick bite to eat and chilled out on the beach all afternoon, there wasn’t a whole lot happened to be honest, it’s similar to Bondi beach but prettier and with more families, but not quite as much going on. I was surprised when I seen an 8 year old busking outside the shops, I wouldn’t have had the courage to do that at his age with so many day-trippers leering at you.

On the way back we sat inside next to the window, whooshing in a pleasant breeze to cool us down. Obviously remembering sun cream at that time of year down under is a must, and if possible spare some change for those brave musical kids!