Create a love filled life … (28th September 2019)

I often get asked the question, ‘What do you do with all your free time when you hardly work?’ I can see how it could be baffling, especially if the person asking lives a particularly hectic lifestyle where they barely have a minute to themselves. What about you? What would you do if you didn’t have to work so much?

The simple answer is I spend most of my time with friends and the people I care about most. Not out of boredom but by design.

A long time ago I had a really hard think about the important things in life. I asked myself how an ideal life would look? Which things would bring me the most joy and fulfillment, and which things would only bring temporary or fleeting happiness.
From there I began to prioritise. I knew straight away that working full time would drive me crazy. Not that there’s anything wrong with working full time in a job you love. There simply wasn’t a job out there that could compete with the level of elation that spending time with loved ones would bring. So over the years I managed to reduce my working hours as much as possible. The more I reduced my working time then the more I got chance to spend time with the people I enjoy being around.
When I talk about, these ‘people,’ I’m not referring to acquaintances, I’m referring to the people I resonate with on an intrinsic level. People I genuinely LOVE being around where the time spent together is filled with smiles, laughter, and camaraderie. If the main goal of life is to enjoy it (which I believe it is), then doesn’t it make sense to fill your days with as much fun and positive energy as possible?

Being an introvert I can be just as happy sometimes spending time by myself, but even then I’ll be focusing on soul nourishing activities rather than idly watching bland tv shows. My time time spent alone is filled with reading, meditating, daydreaming, writing, cooking, and a little exercise. Basically being creative.
I believe there is a higher power at work and the higher power is creative in its nature. Whatever this higher power is, I think it loves it when people tap into their own creative higher consciousness. That’s why it feels so great to get lost in the moment dancing or painting or writing or even just using your imagination and visualising. This would explain why the people with the most creative jobs are supposedly the happiest in the workplace.

It makes me kinda sad when I see people pass by with┬ámonotonous lives. They get up on a morning, eat their toast and marmalade and if they’re feeling generous maybe give me a wave on their way to work. Their expressions scream, ‘ This isn’t the life I thought I’d live.’ Which is true. None of us grow up believing we’ll lead an unfulfilling life in the future. We all had the hopes and dreams of being happy and probably doing something important. Creating something important. Maybe changing lives.
Then life gets in the way. I understand that. What I don’t understand is why they don’t still take the more satisfying option. Spending their free time around people they connect with.
They’ll choose the fake tv over an actual conversation. Instagram over real intraction. It makes no sense. Dirty high’s over a real and meaningful bond with friends and family. Has everyone become so addicted to their iPhone’s that they’ve forgot what a life well lived really entails?