Climb the Doubravka tower and watch a thousand fireworks … (1st January 2020)

“I’m so glad we’re spending new years together.” She smiled. She hugged me tighter than ever.
“Well your plans with friends fell through, I couldn’t let you be alone now could I.”
“Let’s have sex at midnight. What do you think mister? It will be a great way to start the decade!”
“That could be fun,” I smiled, “but how about we climb the doubravka tower instead to watch all the new years fireworks. We can have sex anytime.”
“Ok. Then let’s take wine and condoms with us and get drunk. If nobody else is there let’s have sex on the tower while the fireworks go off.”
“It’s three degrees outside but if you don’t mind wearing a skirt then let’s do it.”
“Ok!” she laughed, “I’m so excited mister.”
She did a little hop skip and jump while clapping her hands and disappeared into the kitchen to start pouring wine.
We drank two glasses each as we layed sprawled on the couch watching a movie together. It was a Christmas movie but it never feels much like Christmas by the time new year arrives. We watched in silence. Hugh Grant’s overt british accent filled the room as my eyes drifted over to the lights twinkling on the tree.
I turned to her, “It’s a weird place to build a tower. I mean, it’s in the middle of nowhere.”
We had been there once before. I remembered the overgrown fields we had to walk through to get there.
She simply looked at me. Shrugged. Then carried on looking at the television screen.
When 11.30pm rolled around I suggested we get going.
“Wait! I need to put on the skirt!”
I’m not sure I wanted to have sex on the tower. It was cold and muddy and I wanted to watch the fireworks.
The fields were more boggy than ever. I had on a new pair of stylish boots. They’d need to be cleaned. We shared a torch with low batteries. It was useless trying to make it through the brush but miraculously we found our way there. There were four people stood at the top.
“Oh noo, we can’t have sex now.” She sighed.
“Maybe they’ll leave.” I said, hopefully.
“They won’t,” she muttered, “they’ll be there for midnight just like us. It’s ok though. Let’s get to the top, we only have ten minutes!”
We climbed the ninety eight steps. Without proper illumination it was hellish. Coming down would be worse.
At the top were two couples. One had a basket with a towel over the top. They smiled as we reached the summit.
The other couple kept to themselves.
“Five more minutes,” I said, “I wonder if anybody else will come up.”
As I said it, two more couples came up the stairs. Everybody was speaking Czech around me. I could only understand a little.
Three more minutes. More people came up. The tower was made of wood. You could feel it swaying slightly with the arrival of each new person.
“Is this thing gonna hold?” I asked, “There’s fifteen people up here and still a few more minutes before midnight.”
“I wish I’d wore jeans.” She replied.
Four more people had emerged from below before somebody started counting down from ten in czech, “Deset! Devět! Osm! Sedm!” We joined in as fireworks already started firing up in the sky around us.
It was magnificent. I’d never seen so many fireworks. The tower allowed for a three hundred and sixty degree view over Prague. Flashes of blue and pink and red and green and purple and yellow could be seen in every direction. The whole horizon was a visual masterpiece.
“It’s beautiful.” She cried.
“Yeah it’s rea…”
I got interrupted by the lady with the basket.  It was filled with hard boiled eggs that she was offering to people. I thought it was strange but ate one anyway. Perhaps it would be considered rude in Czech Republic to not eat a hard boiled egg at the start of a new decade. I couldn’t be sure.
Everybody had an egg and somebody pulled out some sparklers. A community spirit was blossoming on that tower. I was glad to be there.
The colours in the night sky popped and fizzed for nearly fifteen minutes before slowly beginning to disappear. It had been a good choice to go there. The sex would happen later. Until I got to drunk.