Inspired by true events, Euro-Jaunt is the fictional tale of Jack Glover. Self confessed sex-addict, accidental dating coach, and lover of life. A chance encounter with a renowned pick-up artist sends Jack on a mission to help develop the skills and confidence to meet beautiful feminine women in the supermarkets and shopping malls of the Nordic and Slavic lands. With true grit and determination he applies what he learns but gets more than he bargained for when he repeatedly falls for the new women in his life.

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Jack’s back. Hopelessly getting besotted with another woman he decides to finally give monogamy a try, but is in for a shock and surprise when his new love shows signs of psychotic behaviour. Will he manage to make it out alive, or will he once again be picking up the pieces of his heart in an attempt to put himself back together again.
To be released… Spring 2022



Another failed relationship behind him. Jack sets his sights on singledom but forgets the struggle and pitfalls of maintaining his freedom. Will he finally choose to have a normal relationship or will his need to be constantly surrounded by different women get the better of him?
Expected release… 2023