Be a good friend

According to recent surveys more and more people have less truly close friends then ever before. Living in a digital age where people are using social networking as a form of communication is one of the biggest factors, so maybe it’s time to close the laptop and actually talk to each other in the real world?

So now that your actually in each other’s company and not both sitting behind a computer screen what does it mean to be a good friend? As much as modern media would suggest you protect your ego, the real key is to let you go of your ego and take a sincere interest in your friends without expecting anything in return. You have to first actually WANT to be a good friend so that taking a personal interest, showing affection, and sacrificing your time won’t be seen as a hardship on your part.

Everybody has their own opinions on different matters that are important to them, a good friend doesn’t judge them on these opinions a good friend respects their views regardless of whether you agree. Also if you get offended by a friends honesty this just reflects badly on yourself, a lot of the time it could just be a case of wanting you to spend time and listen if they have problems, and although it may sometimes feel uncomfortable to give guidance if you think it’s not what they want to hear, a good friend will know you have their best interests at heart.

Nobody is perfect, and for some reason we generally expect more from others than from ourselves, but we all make mistakes from time to time, accept this fact and it will allow forgiveness in so that if problems do arise you can resolve them quickly and put it behind you.

Lastly, remember to choose your friends wisely, but do not be overselective. It’s regardless what somebody’s age, colour or nationality is, some of the very best friends I have are decades younger than me and from different country’s and cultures, if I had kept a narrow minded view of who I wanted to be friends with I’d have never been fortunate enough to meet some of my closest friends. By being open to meet all kinds of people you will become more outgoing have a much more enriched life.