Avoid getting a job

Time is the most precious resource you posses. Surely then you should fill that time doing the things you love most? Unfortunately the majority of people fail to make that choice and work jobs they don’t enjoy. What if there was another way? What if instead of trading 40 hours a week for a certain amount of money you just traded a minimal amount of time for the same price? Or if you enjoy your job why not trade the same amount of time for a much wealthier wage!

I like to keep my articles brief and I love bullet points, so without further ado here are my top reasons to avoid getting a job:

* You are a slave to your boss. You are allowing somebody else to dictate whether or not there will be food on your table and clothes on your back. No job is ever ‘secure’ because you as en employee are dispensable.

* Nobody likes being told what to do. Why allow yourself to take orders from somebody else.

* Being your OWN boss brings with it a sense of pride and accomplishment.

* You’ll no longer have to beg when it comes to increasing your wage. You want a payrise? You simply put your own prices up.

* You have to smile and be polite to people you may not like. When you work for yourself you can quite easily dismiss these kinds of people knowing you have full control over who you will and won’t have communications with.

* You only gain an extremely small amount of experience from working the same job, once you have learnt everything there is to know you’re basically just repeating the same thing over and not really learning anything new.

* You aren’t guaranteed to be needed for work in the future if the skillset you have becomes obsolete or gets replaced by ever advancing technology.

* Gaining the knowledge and ability to make money without working means you’ll never have to worry about where your next paycheck is coming from.

* Once you learn how to create multiple passive income streams you won’t need to work at all if you choose not to.

So, in conclusion my suggestion is this… Save some money until you know you can financially sustain yourself for the next coming months without work.

Now, leave your job and say goodbye to that person who was always telling you what to do. You can also say goodbye to the inbred social circle you’ll be leaving behind too – soon you’ll get chance to interact with everybody else in the world.

Next, use those 40 hours a week that you were working for somebody else to learn and create multiple passive income streams for yourself, or if you can create a sustaining lifestyle doing the things you love for work or enjoyed the job you had then set up your own business doing that, a business where YOU reap all the rewards, once you have successfully set up your own business you’ll notice that your wage will have at least DOUBLED, but even if it hasn’t at least you are now the one who’s in control of your own destiny.

Yes, there is going to hard work and effort involved in the beginning, if you don’t think it’s worth it then by all means keeping trading your time for money …until your time runs out and you realise all the time you wasted not making the most of your life.