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30 Day Challenge… Biphasic sleep experiment

30 Day Challenge… Journaling

30 Day Challenge… Practise earthing/grounding every day

30 Day Challenge… Try a ketogenic diet

30 Day Challenge… Try celibacy

30 Day Challenge… Unplug from social media


Accept constructive criticism

Alcohol abstinence …1 year on

Avoid getting a job

Be a good friend

Be best man at a wedding

Burn the boats

Climb the doubravka tower and watch a thousand fireworks

Climb Walla Crag

Create a love filled life

Cruise the Sydney harbour

Curb your cravings

Deactivate Instagram

Do a 48 hour fast

Do jury service

Do what YOU want

Eat focaccia and drink a REAL italian coffee

Eat s’mores by an open fire

Explore the Caves of Drach

Explore Phi Phi island

Free your mind: Kill your TV

Fly in a propeller powered light airplane

Focus on presence

Get high in an Amsterdam coffee shop

Get high in an Amsterdam coffee shop (again)

Get jacked

Give up drinking alcohol

Go fishing

Help a fat friend

Imagine you only have 1 minute left to live

Invest in cryptocurrency

Join a tennis club

Learn a seemingly impossible magic trick

Learn about the third reich in Munich

Learn to juggle with 3 balls

Learn to meditate

Learn to snowboard

Learn to surf

Learn yoga

Let a little sunshine in your life

Live (and work) on a cattle ranch

Live in a plushy apartment

Live in Helsinki

Live in Prague

Live in Prague …Part dva

Live in Stockholm

Live life to the fullest

Make a million dollars

Make work fun

Palma aquarium

Party all night in Las Vegas

Practice non-attachment

Put down that God damn phone!

Raising self-esteem

Relive your youth at CenterParcs

Save a grannie: Hide from corona

See the fisherman’s bastion in Budapest

See the Mona Lisa in The Louvre

See the penguins at St. Kilda

See the rathaus glockenspiel

See the new year Sydney fireworks

See the world’s oldest working astronomical clock

Shoot tin cans off a fence like in the wild west

Spectate at a rodeo

Spectate at the O’Neill Oneway Runway modeling competition

Spend a week without your phone

Spend the day at Hiekkaranta beach

Spend Xmas day on Bondi beach

Start investing in the stock market

Stay in an Airbnb

Stop being a pussy

Swim in a freezing lake

Take a free tour of Stockholm

Take a great fitness photo

Take a husky ride

Take a speed awareness course

Take a sunset swim in the north sea


Use anger to create huge mental shifts

Use Ecosia instead of Google

Visit Budapest

Visit Havlickovy Sady

Visit Krabi

Visit Mariánské Lázně

Visit Ramsey Street and Arthur’s Seat

Visit Reigrovy Sady

Visit Stockholm’s Old Town

Visit Sydney botanical gardens

Visit the cathedral of Santa Maria 

Visit the Notre Dame cathedral

Watch a man smoke a cigarette while spinning fire and walking a tightrope

Watch a meteor shower

Watch a movie at a moonlight cinema

Watch a movie in a 4D cinema

Watch the sunrise over an ocean of cloud

Watch the sunset from Cafe Mambo

Work as an extra in a movie