30 Day Challenge… Practise earthing/grounding every day

Earthing, or grounding as some people call it, is basically walking outdoors barefoot. Ideally on sand or grass, preferably wet.

According to some scientists and many hippies, keeping our bare feet connected with the ground neutralises the positive electrical charge that we carry around in our bodies. This positive charge can lead to a build up of to many free radicals which in some cases can lead to disease and ageing.

So, I decided the best time of the day to practise earthing would be the morning whilst the grass is still wet from the morning dew.
There was plenty of grass to choose from since I monitored the effects whilst still living on the ranch in Canada.

Each morning, usually before breakfast, I would take a stroll on the grass. Generally I’d navigate toward the chicken coup where one or two hens would be inquisitively taking small strides whilst keeping one eye rested on me. The others could be heard inside clucking away “Look-at-me, look-at-me,” it sounded as if they were saying, proud to show off their egg laying that would soon be breakfast.

The feel of the crunchy damp grass beneath your feet is one you can easily forget, it’s not often you take off your socks and shoes to go trampling through the weeds for nature’s hit. It is a hit, albeit a subtle one, but there’s something primitive and natural about having skin-on-earth contact that gives you that warm glow inside. It simply feels… right.

As previously mentioned my allergic affliction having hayfaver was rife whilst in Canada, but I did begin to be aware that one of the most noticeable side effects from this whole earthing experiment seemed to be the more days that went by the less I sneezed spluttered and wheezed, whether or not the two were directly related was hard to tell since it could very well have been a case that the local pollen count was decreasing.
Other noteworthy side effects of being in contact with the ground were a seemingly higher sense of well-being (although this also could be down to being so isolated in amongst nature because of my location during the 30 days) and no sign of any of the occasional dull headaches that I sometimes get. Overall it’s hard to say whether the whole grounding movement is beneficial or not. However, even if the heightened sense of well being and other desensitisations of allergies are a placebo effect, then it seems obvious to assume that continuing to put time aside for earthing would be a good idea.

I’m not sure I’m quite ready to put a sand box in front of the couch at home just yet, but for those who are interested there are now earthing mats and other grounding kits for home use if you live in a heavily urbanised city or do not have access to nature’s own natural source of earth.