I guess you could say this vaguely resembles a bucket list. For me its simply a creative outlet to keep a note of my journey and possibly help or inspire others along the way. Mediocrity in my view is the pathway to boredom, and nobody enjoys being bored. Hence the need to review, describe, and (possibly) entertain you with the colourful challenges I’ve been setting myself through most of adult life.

I’m not suggesting you should never relax or that you need to follow every piece of advice I’ve written here. What I am URGING you to do is simply get off your ass and follow your dreams while living a happy healthy balanced life along the way.

I think people tend to forget that with each passing day we’re one step closer to death. I know, its a little morbid, but use it as a wake up call to go out and crush it. Realise that there is a fire that burns within all of us to make the most out of life, don’t let laziness and procrastination get the better of you. Lean into your comfort zone. Do some crazy stuff. Get enlightened. Push your boundaries. Fall in love. Make a ton of money. Fight your fears. Burn the boats. Live your best life, and increase your confidence/self esteem along the way.


By doing these things you’ll have amazing peak experiences that energise you and move you onwards. There is a synergistic effect when you are pushing to attain peak experiences in all aspects in your life – they compound each other and propel you forward in life, which in turn leads to a much more rewarding life. For me personally, it’s a lifestyle of freedom rather than trying to build up an accumulation of ‘things’. Most people assume to live a freedom lifestyle means having a lot of money, but aside from budget travel to get to different places, most of the activities I write about are actually inexpensive or even free so no more excuses.

I hope on some level parts of this blog inspires you to make some positive changes, but if not that’s fine. Your life, your choices.

Apologies in advance for having comments turned off. There’s simply far to many other fun things to be doing with my time. If you desperately need to get in touch with me personally for any reason you can try direct messaging me via instagram ✅